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Universities with big and small names have long held a grip on “educating” executives. While working with some universities, we surveyed recent MBA graduates and many complained they were not able to apply much of their education to their work. This amounts to a huge waste of investment and time.

So, what is wrong with what they are teaching at universities? It is difficult to pinpoint one thing. We believe theory and case studies are the “go-to” for most university lectures. Theory can be difficult to grasp when the case studies don’t apply to anything you are doing where you work. Science tells us no theory is ever proven – ever. Besides all this, copying another organization is rarely a good idea – all organizations are different.

We teach executives how to learn using The 95 Method. You will need to learn the fundamentals first. But the method of learning is done by studying your own organization, not Apple, Google, Facebook or any other organization.

Our target audience are executives. Veteran executives looking for fresh ideas or a fresh look at their organization. New executives whether new to the job or new to the organization. Aspiring executives looking to find ways to create value for their organization to be seen as executive material.

The 95 Method can be used by executive teams too. But we mostly suggest someone in the organization go through it first so they can lead the training and not us. Customization, adaptation, and adoption are easier this way.

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The starter kit gives you an opportunity to see if you like our type of thinking.

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