The 95 Method – Business Transformation

Veteran, new and aspiring executives need methods to be successful in their organizations. There are 1000s of leadership podcasts, videos, blogs, and articles but few authors address what to do or how to do it. We have witnessed many executives who are efficient (doing things right), but few executives are effective (doing the right things). We believe this is misguided and aim to remedy the shortfall with executives.

This is the 147th episode of the Effective Executive podcast. In this episode, you will learn the high-level steps of the 95 Method’s business transformation. Download our Effective Executive Starter Kit.

The 95 Method gives executives an outline to become an effective executive. This begins with becoming a synthetic thinker. This represents a leap in thinking for most executives. Most of the skills taught in the 95 Method executive education program are foundational to business transformation. Studying customer interactions with your organization not only makes you a more effective executive, but gives clarity to a strategy and method for business transformation.


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